Mongolia's total population is 3 119 935 as of May 2017 according to the Mongolian National Statistical Office. Mongolia's population growth rate is estimated at 1.4% (2010 est.). About 59% of the total population is under age 30, 27% of whom are under 14. This relatively young and growing population has placed strains on Mongolia's economy.

Executive   branch
The main function of the Cabinet is to implement the laws of Mongolia, in accordance with its duties  to direct economic, social and cultural development of Mongolia. The Cabinet is currently coinposed  of 13 ministries, which carry out the Cabinet’s various programs and projects and formulate policies  in their relevant areas.

The current Government
During Mongolia’s 7th parliamentary elections held in 2016, the MPP won 65 parliamentary seats, the Democratic Party won 9 seats and the MPRP and other parties each have 1 seat in the Parliament. By becoming the majority in the Parliament, the MPP was entitled to form the current government.